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There are many benefits to eating Low Carb High Fat. It’s an intuitive way to eat. For people who have been on a lot of diets, it’s actually a lot like simply eating again. You listen to your body, and eat when you need to. You’re not hungry and burning fat gives you an energy boost so intense that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

With all of those benefits, why aren’t more people eating low carb high fat?

It’s simple. Switching to low carb high fat is a massive change, not only for your body, but for your mind. For our entire lives we’ve been told that eating a “balanced diet” of carbohydrates and protein is the sure way to lose weight and stay fit.

The science says otherwise, but there’s a huge food and weight loss industry that’s telling you to keep eating carbs. And it’s more than corporations, it’s a cultural thing. Many of us grew up in households with staples like rice and potatoes. ‘Breaking bread’ means something in a many cultures.

It’s not easy to go against what we’ve been taught and what’s still being promoted to us everyday. It takes a lot of willpower and you have to take a logical approach. That isn’t easy for any of us when our emotions are involved. The science tells us one thing, but those advertisements we see everyday really push our buttons.

Dealing With The Immediate Aftermath

It’s an uphill road mentally, and that’s only part of it. The other obstacle is physical. Our body undergoes changes as it converts to using fat as a fuel source.

Whether you live in the US, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or nearly anywhere else in the world, you’ve probably been consuming a high carb diet. Your body has been burning carbs as a fuel source for most of your life, and it doesn’t convert to burning fat overnight.

This lack of immediate success, and the changes your body undergoes as you start eating low carb high fat, is often enough to derail most people from their track to success. Add to this the psychological component – remember those ads are everywhere – and you can see why more people aren’t eating adopting this change.

At The Newer You our goal is to keep you on track, and guide you to success. We have  gathered all of the necessary tools and resources to make the transition easy, so anyone can eat low carb, high fat.

Whether it’s anxiety, fear, or you’re simply feeling lethargic as you make the switch, don’t fret, we’ve been there too! And we’ve learned from our experiences so it doesn’t have to be hard for you.

That’s what our community is all about, sharing our struggles to make it easier for the next person. As we share our stories, we can see that we’ve all been there and done that. There is no shame; our community is about support and compassion..

What To Expect In The Coming Weeks

In our next blog post, The Newer You coaches, Lisa and Oli, will share their experiences making the switch to low carb, high fat. We hope it will help you along your way, and answer some questions about what to expect as you transition into a healthier, more intuitive way of eating.