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Our Story

Lisa Colclasure - Founder of The Newer YouThe story of The Newer You begins with the story of our founder, Lisa Colclasure. Lisa is committed to improving the health of others after experiencing her own health issues and discovering the truth for herself.

When Lisa’s husband died from cancer at a young age and her mother was diagnosed with cancer six months later, the emotional blows sent Lisa into a state of depression. Her doctor prescribed anti-depressants, and for the first time in her life, her weight ballooned.

She tried everything, from running marathons to drinking protein shakes. The result was things only getting worse, her weight didn’t improve and her digestion started to suffer. After waking up one morning to a text from a personal trainer telling her, “You’re just not trying hard enough”, Lisa decided to find the truth for herself.

From her experience as a neurotherapist, Lisa knew that she would have to change her thought patterns to improve her health. Or simply, to start thinking more positively. It was clear that the typical approach to weight loss — “no pain, no gain” — was a broken solution. She started by forgetting all the junk she’d been told, and then she started to research the junk she had been eating.

It was a long six months that seemed like six years as Lisa simply researched different weight loss solutions. After watching a video on YouTube late at night, she discovered the truth for herself, a low carb diet that was high in fat. It seemed so counter-intuitive. There wasn’t a lot of information about this approach. As a scientist at heart, Lisa was intrigued, she wanted to see the results for herself.

The results were dramatic. Once Lisa made the switch to eating low carb high fat, she started to lose weight again for the first time in years. More importantly, she felt good about herself. She was able to stop taking anti-depressants, and her digestive issues cleared up.

Lisa now competes in bodybuilding competitions, and works as a neurotherapist, nutrition coach, chef, and personal trainer in addition to being the guiding light for everything we do at The Newer You. While Lisa’s story is extraordinary and she is an incredibly talented and driven individual, anyone who’s worked with her as a client or as a member of The Newer You team knows that she’s also down to earth and has a great sense of humor.

Lisa lives and works in Durango, Colorado with her dog Smokey. In addition to coaching and consulting, Lisa runs group and individual retreats, and provides week (5-day) and weekend (2-day) sessions with chef services to help premier clients make the transition to eating low carb high fat. Email for more information about booking a retreat, week, or weekend with Lisa.