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The Newer You - Low Carb and Keto Diet Resources and Tips


Eat more fat and less carbs.

The Newer You - Low Carb and Keto Diet Resources and Tips


Boost your fat burning.

The Newer You - Low Carb and Keto Diet Resources and Tips


Resources to guide you.

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Latest Keto Tips

What To Expect When You’re Expecting…To Cut Carbs

There are many benefits to eating Low Carb High Fat. It’s an intuitive way to eat. For people who have been on a lot of diets, it’s actually a lot like simply eating again. You listen to your body, and eat when you need to. You’re not hungry and burning fat gives you...

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Fat is Your Friend

As scientists learn more about the nutritional properties of fat, it’s becoming more clear: fat has gotten a raw deal. Surprisingly, the “balanced diet” of carbohydrates and protein that we’ve been fed through our mouth and ears for years is the real culprit. One of...

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10 Low Carb High Fat Desserts To Stave Off Temptation

Tomorrow is Halloween, which for many is a time of serious temptation. But just around the corner are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a host of other holiday celebrations which bring with them their own tasty treats laden with sugar.  It can be so easy to fall off the...

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Fatphobia: Getting Over Your Fear Of Dietary Fat

We have a serious problem as a society, and one that has been spreading and deepening for decades: we are afraid of eating fat. Butter, rich cheeses, cream, red meats, eggs, oils and even avocados have been demonized by every nutritionist and “food expert” for years....

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How To Eat More Fat, Without Going Crazy On The Protein

Low Carb, High Fat, Moderate Protein...this is the formula for the perfect ketogenic diet. It is also one of the most frequently misunderstood concepts of this way of eating. A few months ago, Coach Olivia was having a procedure done. While speaking to the nurse, the...

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10 Tips To Start Eating Low­ Carb High­ Fat Today

By now, you have come across plenty of evidence backing the effectiveness of a Low Carb High Fat lifestyle. You know the weight you can lose, the way that it eliminates hunger, and the energy and stamina that you can gain. Knowing that it works doesn't make the switch...

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